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[audio]IUMA: GEEKS
Searching for new experiences and new sounds, the GEEKS, from São Paulo/BRASIL) show up. Influenced by many musical styles, but with Rock Alternative roots, such as, Punk rock and Guitar bands. The band write Portuguese lirics and most talk about life in general, like family, teenager life, marriage and stuff.... This 3 guys we're talking about are Cesinha (Vocal / Guitar), Junior (Drums / Backing vocals) and Oliver (Bass)...
Keywords: GEEKS
Downloads: 10
[audio]geeks 23 febbraio - Paolo
My little pony - Skipping Down The Street The boys least likely to - Stringing Up Conkers Vivian girls - lake house The pains of being pure at heart - A teenager in love Jules not jude - Winter time Jesus Etc. - Yes, weekend Butcher the bar - leave this town Butcher the bar - House/Home The Wave Pictures - Airplanes at Brescia Wax Anatomical Models â Recollections Of Our Times
Keywords: geeks
Downloads: 13
[audio]Episode 20 - Moving Day - Fandomania Podcast
In this super-short episode, we talk about being in the middle of moving, and we promise to have a longer, more fandomish episode next week. For real!
Keywords: geeks
Downloads: 45
[audio]Defective Geeks 208 - Defective Geeks
In this episode, the Lady Geeks bring you the most disturbing of all Spider News yet. A new Geek Hero has been declared and we defend the rights of creepy clowns to exist. Plus, a special edition of Giselle's Journal Theatre, a MUST hear.
Keywords: Defective Geeks; podcast; geeks; girl geeks; halloween
Downloads: 42
[unknown]Usenet groups within spamcop.geeks from giganews.com
Usenet newsgroups within "spamcop.geeks", contributed courtesy of giganews.com. These captures omit most binary posts.
Keywords: spamcop.geeks
Downloads: 39
[audio]Geekery And Perspective - Bryan Hamilton, Jason Tolmie
This week we talk about anime. torchlight 2, podcasting difficulties and how Christians and Geeks can coexist in a judgmental church culture
Keywords: geeks; christianity
Downloads: 8
Reel Geeks Ep. 2 RLKing's part
Keywords: Reel Geeks
Downloads: 8
[audio]Black Jesus - ghettoGEEKS
Keywords: ghetto Geeks
Downloads: 37
[audio]Defective Geeks 202
Gizzy B and the Space Pirate Queen takes a stab at writing the next Jason Bourne movie starring Matt Damon, Jeremy Renner... and Channing Tatum. Plus, Lucy Lawless. Also, Manu Bennett. Come on, we've piqued your interest already, haven't we? Fanfic Theatre: Guardians of the Galaxy.
Keywords: Defective Geeks
Downloads: 68
[audio]Defective Geeks 156 - Defective Geeks
2014 is the Year of the Horse and our Lady Geeks are galloping into the new year! We get a little serious and discuss what our new goals are but then the conversation spirals into hot men hugging lions and Chris Hemsworth. Fanfic Theatre: Doctor Who.
Keywords: Defective Geeks
Downloads: 42
[audio]Defective Geeks 168
Larp the Series explores the gaming and human side of larping through a group of close friends. Elizabeth Neale (Shane) and Charlotte Rogers (Brittany) joins us in this episode to talk about the show, acting within larping and what's it like to just wield swords and wear leather on set all day and night. Check out this great web series!
Keywords: Defective Geeks
Downloads: 68
[audio]Geeks On Glee 04: Curtain Call - Geeks On Glee
Finally, it's time for Regionals! Ron from Revision3's AppJudgment joins us this week to discuss the Season One finale, how it ties up the loose ends, and what we can expect out of Season Two. He also reports his Glee Live concert experience in NYC!
Keywords: Glee; Geeks; Geeks On Glee
Downloads: 4,267
[audio]Ep. 42 Finding Love with Boba Fett - Defective Geeks
The Lady Defective Geeks wraps up the year by not talking about the holidays but by discussing a very important topic: geeks and love. They discuss aspects of a nerd fantasy world about dating and falling in love, fear of rejection and getting rejected. We tell tales of real life situations such as Swedish boys who look like hobbits or boys in coffee shops who look like Prince Caspian.
Keywords: defective geeks; geek love; geeks; dating; lifestyle
Downloads: 126
[audio]Geeks On Glee 02: Go Gaga - Nicole Lee, Teresa Ozoa, Eileen Rivera
This week we go over the costumes, the songs, and the theatrics of Gaga -- and Kiss. But even more than that, we dissect Rachel finding her mother and the all-too-real drama between Kurt and Finn.
Keywords: Glee; Geeks; Gleeks; Geeks On Glee
Downloads: 5,612
[audio]Growing Geeks Episode 1 - Stuck Inside - Benjamin Gerber
Welcome to episode 1! In this episode, we're going to cover things you can do with your kids when you're all stuck inside. Be it illness, weather, wild animals or what have you, sometimes you'll find yourself housebound with the kid(s). What then? Here are some of our suggestions!
Keywords: kids; geeks; podcast; growing geeks; parenting
Downloads: 935
[audio]Defective Geeks 217
The last podcast of 2014 and the Lady Geeks discuss Hollywood reboot movies (sorry, not sorry, but we're excited about the new Terminator), theatre culture, Channing Tatum, and cars flying out of airplanes. Fanfic Theatre: Kal-El x Lex Luthor.
Keywords: Defective Geeks; podcast; lady geeks; geek girl
Downloads: 57
[audio]28 Geeks Later Episode 10
Episode 10 Trigger-Man: Jed C. Hall finally becomes a man, Adventure Time is like mushrooms, frozen pack of peas makes it first debut, cartoon bad-asses (not really), The Dark Knight Rises!!!! Anne Hathaway looks like a monkey? The merits of fusion reactors, Superman laser eyes! Whats up with superpowers and Ph.D.s? Troy Wood enjoyed himself during Magic Mike........wait what?
Keywords: 28; geeks; later; podcast
Downloads: 28
[audio]TUG Radio 01x01
Episode 1 of TUG Radio!...yeah sorry. We promise it'll get better :P Enjoy episode one.
Keywords: geeks youtube eduardoc platnumx
Downloads: 29
[audio]Geeks On Glee 17: Queens of Neglect
Wait, what is this? A new Geeks On Glee podcast? Yes, we're back to discuss the last four (wow) episodes with co-host/guest Kristin Rivera! From Holly Holliday's exit to the surprise Prom Queen, we've got a lot to gleek out over!
Keywords: Glee; Geeks on Glee
Downloads: 4,766
[audio]28 Geeks Later Episode 4 - The Geeks
We discuss our favorite characters. Comic Books for those not versed in Comic Books. Zombie Apocalypse. G-I Joe Delayed! Todays geeks aren't too geeky.....
Keywords: 28 geeks later podcast
Downloads: 25
[audio]NoNaMe_Episode2_06_01_2007 - Shaymus22
NoNaMe Episode 2 (06/01/2007)
Keywords: geek geeky geeks
Downloads: 47
[audio]Ep 7 - Pod of holding
Geeks for freaks babblar om allt och inget
Keywords: Geeks for freaks
Downloads: 7
[audio]Business Geeks Ep1 - Business Geeks
Episode number 1 of business geeks about music
Keywords: Business Geeks; Indicast
Downloads: 68
[audio]Defective Geeks 180
The Lady Geeks discuss how media headlines treat female celebrities, stupid people who doesn't know how to eat sushi and the Black Widow standalone movie. Also, where's our Wonder Woman movie still? The Space Pirate Queen also recommends the book, Wonder Woman Unbound. Fanfic Theatre: Lion King x Terminator, sort of?
Keywords: Defective Geeks; podcast
Downloads: 78
[audio]Defective Geeks 190
Gizzy B and the Space Pirate Queen might be a little too old for Anime Expo with their cranky old lady ways . . . but none of us are ever too old for Sailor Moon. Find out Gizzy B's new IRL OTP! 
Keywords: Defective Geeks; podcast
Downloads: 66
[audio]Defective Geeks 183
In this episode, the Lady Geeks spoke with the creative team behind the webcomic, The Concrete World -- writer, Gavin Hignight and artist, James Emmett. We talk about the force behind the comic and Gavin even drops some new news!  Then we slowly started geeking out about horror, sci-fi, Doctor Who, X-Men and all sorts of things. Take a listen and then check out The Concrete World! 
Keywords: Defective Geeks; podcast
Downloads: 70
[audio]ReelGeeks1-RLKing - RLKing
Audio for Reel Geeks Ep. 1
Keywords: Reel Geeks 1
Downloads: 9
[audio]RoboCast 036 | Game of the Year Debate Part 1
Your favorite robo geeks do a month-by-month debate to pick the best games of each month of 2012 to determine the finalists to contend for the ultimate omega supreme game of the year.
Keywords: video games; geeks; podcast
Downloads: 31
[audio]Episode 2: The Importance of Being Earnest
Dramatic conventions in Podcasting
Keywords: Geeks on Drama
Downloads: 73
[audio]28 Geeks Later - Episode 2 - The Geeks
We get into The Walking Dead, Favorite Batman villains, the New Batman Movie
Keywords: geeks; Batman; Walking Dead
Downloads: 36
[audio]Drop A Ton Podcast - Episode 01 - Eric "ET" Timmer
Drop A Ton Podcast - Episode 01 http://dropaton.blogspot.jp/
Keywords: Health; Fitness; technology; Geeks
Downloads: 79
[audio]Defective Geeks 177
Gary Sohmers is one of the founders of Pop Culture Expo in Boston during Memorial Day weekend this year -- plus, he is officially the coolest person we've had the pleasure of having on the podcast! He spoke to us about his vision for Pop Culture Expo and the industry as he has seen it evolve over the years. 
Keywords: Defective Geeks; podcast
Downloads: 49
[audio]Defective Geeks 184
Fortune Cookie brings in a new 'Fandom Word of the Day' in this episode and then the Lady Geeks descend into a discussion on Slenderman, kaijus and why Godzilla made Gizzy B angry. Also, E3 didn't invite us to the party again. Sad faces.
Keywords: Defective Geeks; podcast
Downloads: 71
[audio]Defective Geeks 189
The Lady Geeks get together on stage at the Ogeeku booth at Anime Expo for some awkward fun and silly anime-nerd talk! We also play another successful round of Giseru-chan, because it had to happen. Fanfic Theatre: Attack on Titan.
Keywords: Defective Geeks; podcast
Downloads: 75
[audio]Geekcast 11 - Filhos do Fim do Mundo
Entrevista com o Barretão autor de Filhos do Fim do Mundo
Keywords: Geekcast; geeks; literatura
Downloads: 242
[audio]Defective Geeks 188
Pacific Rim 2 is really happening, you GUYS! Gizzy B brings in this episode's Weird Crush and then fangirls over the thought of adorable Gottlieb and Newton having baby kaijus together with the Space Pirate Queen. Also, serious conversations. 
Keywords: Defective Geeks; podcast
Downloads: 61
[audio]BAGS 9
Basically a Geek Show #9
Keywords: Transformers; Captain America; Geeks
Downloads: 2
[audio]Defective Geeks 176
The Lady Geeks honors Janelle Asselin as this episode's Geek Hero, have a spoiler-y discussion about Captain America: Winter Soldier and a little bit of Wondercon 2014 talk -- while Fortune Cookie dies from allergies. Fanfic Theatre: Terminator x Lion King. 
Keywords: Defective Geeks; podcast
Downloads: 7
[audio]Defective Geeks 178
In this episode, Chubby Bunny and Yume Ninja joins us for the first time on the podcast as the newest members of the website. We learn a bit about them, how we all met, their geekdom, talk a little anime and why "butthurt" is not the best form of reaction on social media.
Keywords: Defective Geeks; podcast
Downloads: 83
[audio]Defective Geeks 187
This is a very different episode! The first part of the show is a guest-filled with Matthew Mercer and Jason Charles Miller of Muzzled the Musical. This is a fun web series that will have Kevin Sorbo SINGING! Support it! The last half is SPQ and Gizzy B babbling incoherently as per usual.
Keywords: Defective Geeks; podcast
Downloads: 59
[audio]Defective Geeks 186
In this episode, Gizzy B explains to the Space Pirate Queen how Taylor Kitsch has such perfectly shaped man arms. Also, are women still hard to animate
Keywords: Defective Geeks; podcast
Downloads: 87
[audio]Ep. 44 Freud Loves LSD - Defective Geeks
The Lady Geeks discuss the failures and success of documentary style and shaky cam movies - from The Devil Inside to Cloverfield to The Blair Witch Project. Also, lots of people who invented important things in life did drugs! Hooray! Don't do drugs kids. Fanfic Theatre: 2012.
Keywords: defective geeks; movies
Downloads: 26
[audio]Ep. 78 Hold Your Pee for Love - Defective Geeks
Listen to the Lady Geeks ramble on in the SoCal heat about holding their pee during a movie as an act of love and how awesome Tina Fey is. We also talk about JGL (again) and his new movie, Looper.
Keywords: Defective Geeks; podcast
Downloads: 173
[audio]Defective Geeks 199
Mike Myler, game designer and writer, returns to our podcast to talk about his project, Varanthea Codex. This is a Pathfinder compatible campaign setting full of adventures, awesome original characters and player options and a world that has been brewing inside Mike's brain for years and years. Listen now and don't forget to visit the website and check out their Kickstarter campaign.
Keywords: Defective Geeks; podcast
Downloads: 54
[audio]Reel Geeks Ep. 2 - Literally A Podcast
Reel Geeks Ep. 2
Keywords: Reel Geeks 2
Downloads: 38
[audio]Geeks On Glee 07: Is this real life? - Geeks On Glee
Glee is back and we couldn't be happier about it! New faces, new relationships, new storylines, and of course, new songs! We rant and rave about Charice, Chord Overstreet, Coach Bieste, John Stamos, Britney Spears, Finn + Rachel, and much much more. Visit our blog at http://geeksonglee.com and leave your comments! We would love to hear what you think of the episodes too!
Keywords: Glee; Geeks On Glee
Downloads: 8,216
[audio]Defective Geeks 178
The Lady Geeks ponder about what is beyond the universe as scientist discover 'Earth 2' and what if jelly people aliens existed. Also, Star Wars VII casting news and this episodes was full of lag. Fanfic Theatre: Terminator x Lion King.
Keywords: Defective Geeks; podcast
Downloads: 65
[audio]Geeks On Glee 09: Dueling Duets - Geeks On Glee
Mr. Schu kicks off Sam's arrival in the Glee club with a duet competition, which results in fantastic song and dance routines (of course) and some interesting character development too. We also tell you which duet was our favorite.
Keywords: Geeks On Glee; Glee
Downloads: 7,047
[audio]Geeks On Glee 03: Funky - Geeks On Glee
We take you down to Funkytown this week with the dual meaning of "funk." We discuss Will's seduction of Sue, Vocal Adrenaline's show-off, and what all this means for next week's season finale.
Keywords: Glee; Geeks On Glee
Downloads: 6,687
[audio]Defective Geeks 191
In this episode, we chat with Will Myers from Adventure-A-Week about Snow White: An Adventure and their Kickstarter campaign for it. We might also have gotten into little tangents about food, Mary Sues and Spider-man. Listen in to find out more about his upcoming project!
Keywords: Defective Geeks; podcast
Downloads: 65
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